Community Garden Feedback

Hello friends and family! The PPN’s Wellness Department is working on some exciting new classes and services to offer this community as we support each other in pursuing wellness in all aspects of our lives. First of all, we are eager to get our community garden up and running again! In times of uncertainty like we are currently experiencing, the hope is for our community to feel empowered and comforted by this shared space for food and medicine production. As we plan our crops for the season, we want to hear from our community – what produce are you excited about receiving from the garden? What are your favorite vegetables? What traditional foods or medicinal plants would you like to see in the community garden? Are you interested in volunteering in the garden or having a plot in the garden to tend yourself? Please let us know and stay tuned for information on upcoming gardening classes!

Thank you for your time.  Please if you don’t have any positive energy to give to this project, we ask that you respectfully withhold your comments.